Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Silent Love Story.....Part-1

It's a middle class family, a son and a daughter of one of the silent love story. The boy refused to accept the traditional rules of her family. Naturally, her daughter, trying to convince the family that the boy does not have too much of a Bright Future, is nothing more than a stupid thing to keep a relationship with him.
One family under the pressure of her son, saying, "Your love to me how deep? You do something at least. Moreover, our relationship will not accept one." He did not find any answers. He is quiet. She became angry and left. Still, he was starry dreams of the future, some anjanada's Song, "the white-black janjale filled in false words, you-me red-blue family." 

One day he decides to go abroad for higher-Studies. He is a moment to say to her, "I may be an expert in words, but I know that I love you so much. However, if you want your marriage to my family again, I can see that. You have to spend forever with me have agreed? "
She refused to look at his strong-determination. He was convinced the girl's family a lot. Then it becomes their engagement and decided that the boy has been established in the country and then returning to their marriage. Then he goes out of the country.
She started the job in an office. The request was busy outside the country of his research-work. Yet despite the busy phone and e-mail them to exchange as much as possible the feeling of love.
One day on her way to her office in Road Accident. The sense that he was back, he realized that he was hospitalized and in critical condition. He sees his parents next to the bed. Her mother continues to cry when she realized what it was that he understood that he got away with his speech. According to the doctor, she found her life, such as brain injury have become mute.
She came home a little bit of time to recover. Meanwhile the boy to call him several times, but she was unable to do anything to her. One day she took a decision. Non-life with the child and his kathopokathana do not want to get involved.As a result, a false letter she wrote to her one day that she can not wait for the boy. She then sent a letter addressed to his son enajejamenta ring. Thousands of e-mails to her son, but she did not get any reply. He would call hundreds of times but did not receive a call girl is crying silently, there is no way.
One day her family home and any other area changed to a new environment, so she decided to have forgotten to some extent duhsmrti and rejoice.
Is this new environment, "sign Language" to learn and to start a new life. After a couple of years she was the girlfriend of one day come up here and say to her that the boy has been back in the country. She requests his girlfriend so he could not find out anything about her situation. After a few days she goes to the girlfriend.
More than a year after her girlfriend to her one day to come up with an Invitation card. She opened the card to see that it's child's wedding Invitation card. She was surprised to see the bride in her own name. She will want to know anything about this to his girlfriend when he sees that the boy standing in front of her. He then "Sign Language" to use her, "I've spent a year's time to learn sign language. Just to let you know that I've not forgotten our promise. Let me have the chance to be your voice. I Love You. " The engagement ring that gives him everything he was saying to her. She smiled and got up again a few years later. This is a silent love silent laughter.


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