Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A son atmakahini

Do not refrigerate, no one remembered his brother's head, so I put it in writing gyrate so I wrote this short story, read rayala request ....
Atmakahini a son #
Twenty, twenty-two-year-old son, a daughter of the newly formed bharsiti about weakening the studious boy is naturally reluctant to mababara he moves slowly, a little late at night, if the mother asks where the chili?Hot angry boy, a mother who wanted to say so?Elderly parents, there is no worry about maranapathe the poorest.
One day my father died suddenly, there's no feeling, the feeling of her funeral prayers of the parents is completed, he thought of his loved one, a mother who lost husbands .... I do not remember even the poorest of the five brothers, all younger ... so she thought she There will be the big brothers ...Such hard times, running, his relations have stepped forward .... I know time goes by kona mom sariro not much better .... and there is no worry of.
We see no reason fracture, a poet from the day, write down a lot,He understands the world, love love the waste of money ....He chalanamayi girls, deceptive moves down to write, a lot of stories, poems .... he wrote a lot of parents do not understand? He understands now ...Now she's in, what's funeral prayer, and I'm thinking?There is the thought that she had forgotten her father.

Then again, no one is involved in about a girl, I do not know what the physical or the ...However, he understood,However, he understood,Their relationship is, is talk to them every night ... and speaking of their bhijaya Joysthna ever,Bhijaya rain ever ....Persists, maybe emanai father died, the mother of one day and lose no Joysthna kind of weird, maybe he did not know, I am the mother's funeral prayer, my mother is alive ...?
Perhaps all understand, girl, what was her love, but the memories will be no tears, and no one else.
Returning home late at night and say Hello Eli, why so late?
If not, it will remain only in the imagination, do not have anyone to ask ....


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