Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Abhinaẏa Acting

I've played in all aspects of life, why should I, of all people, throughout his life, played by the ever-school belly-ache to parents excuse for evasion, acting .... sometimes fever fever thermometer to measure the time behind her cup of tea drinking did many times, because it is the body There is no fever.Haro sit down in the evening to read, how to read not only talked, she said, stroking the hair parase parents sit down, go up a little reading. 

Sitting at the table reading a good son, that I paratechi miumiu I sunatama home, after a while I would have read much more than acting .They were much younger age of ten or twelve ....Now big, but still acting goes, if you want to buy a paint shirt, her hands and feet by pressing the Control of the money, how much acting for permission walking anywhere at night with friends, siksasaphare to school, the mother did not, because he is not afraid ....If you are able to do mischief with friends siksasaphare, brought home so many friends, mother, how much performance in every aspect of life .... bujhatama then people willing to acting.When larger, while his own life in his hand, while his own way to travel for himself, he is a real career, with the struggle, with employment jibanata acting field, played no happiness, sadness ever played..But the son of Rudra exceptions, can not understand her acting, she should be happy or to be sorrow, there is no way to understand what is happening on the inside she is always happy, she happily played very well .Somebody shows trouble, do not say anything to anyone, its very close to the beach with a friend, he would not have played too little to share with him the same college together, to the same behavior in private, shared little in the way of mobility as one of the ....Rudra's very chotabelatei mother died, lost his mother at an early age, however, is not in the least trouble, there is a happy child, she played one of her mother, her father's second marriage did not have any brothers or sisters, and, happily raise the child's face the other is the child's mother rudrake, marriage leave parents thinking.Rudra's mother died three years now, privately Rudra is always a bright smile, nobody ever saw her upset, this does not mean that there is no sorrow, grief, sorrow, it is not beyond the dimensions, it can not be seen externally, he that acting is quite good today ...... Happiness mother suddenly thought he was anyamanaska privately, suddenly blew up the phone, the mobile screen, "Soton 'name, Soton ..... receive his cousin,Thanks, now I come home, parents are no more.Rudra's hand from the ground, speechless in the face, I did not, there is no response to sound, black cumulus clouds rodrajjala on her face, the body has become dull ..... jalajala like that Rudra is always burning sun with a smile on his face lifelong today the blossoming smile, today he could have played, with yourself, with a friend in the world ..... today ..... ajore falling tears she complies with the rate he could have played today ....


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