Thursday, April 30, 2015

Arif's heart is very bad today

Arif's heart is very bad today. His favorite for his mistakesThe man was lost. What he does not realize it.Today she is very alone, alone .........2 years ago ......: Hello.Who ?? : Yes. I Arif. Who are you ??: What do you do with it. Simply call girlsHe distrub.No. I have your number from a frndTook over.Why ?? : To make friend with you.This is Arif contents; And, thanks to talk; Friend.At first, thanks not made any impression. There was just a friendTo them. A discovery would arajanera. Thus theirOne of the very good friend. ArifThe test will be admitted to the university, thanks ......... Inter First YearIn this way the day went.Arif, who thinks that, thanks to propose. How can ??I can not understand. Then one day, with the courage to callWho thanks ......: Hello. : Yes, thanks.: Hamama. Tell me.: You know what you are thinking. But how to sayI do not know.

: Speak. No problem ??No, thanks. I actually ......: What are you ?? Tell me.: A A A I ......: Say what ??I love you ......What ???????????????: Yes. i love u. Thanks. : To listen to the word cast me why wait so long ???: Mean ??: I love u too.And the only way to go. Phusaka eating, sightseeing, collegeShirk, talking at night. That's all it was perfect.Arif storm came suddenly changed. Does not like the phone. Do not say that. If you use the phone, thanks to the bad.What exactly did he do that.Knew that one day, thanks to Arif, a relationSaid. She does love her. The day and nightNafisa could not sleep. His love of the morning rushA. But he has returned to his love ............ kede Arif was shouting after him.Why could not say that because he gave him ?? WhyWere not able to draw ???This is not just about today, thanks to 6 months. HospitalRemember the old days was sitting on the bank of the pond.Arata Mae few days. After the release of this pathibi ever since. Stay well, thanks. Much better.NB: It pratichabi my mind. Some realA little imagination.All contents dakapiyanera love and sacrifice; Like meWho love solitude


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