Thursday, April 30, 2015

As night. Long out of the clouds on the orange color.

As night. Long out of the clouds on the orange color.Who knows when the next train. I think the new schedule.The train that will come too late for the trainMaybe. Mridul told me once that day did not trainWhen they train, the train is late, waiting in line to wear down.The train was delayed, Mridul as possible. TrainWould come too late. Last seen wearing down of the train.Diamonds in the guise of a young woman sitting in a thrust-to-night trainThis scenario would have to sit on the line, of course, dear visitors.Everyone was surprised when it does happen in this country. Which occur when it is not possible to say, that is no longer the key!

Raha's mind is good. It's not like marriageIf you do not like somebody's mind. However,The land is married to his wife for their besibhagaiHate. All of them sat on the train on the tracksDo not wait. If these bujhato Mridul rahake. But there Mridul. He said his country house. Raha privateMridul got the idea for her not to marry.Single escaped. Do not say anything, just gone. ManyThen out came the little massageThat would mess with his owner."I'm going home. Take off to the next month advance rent. ", All of that.What is not eligible for induction Mridul? What is the problem? Who knows!Thinking could not Raha three yearsWhy is it so fragile relationship? How so? OnHome pressure. Get married, get married, get married. "What I say home?" MridulFriends may Raha answer the question? Wading is fear.The train is coming. If on the ear could hear and earlier.Train headlights light! Aw, Snap! Why have not seen before!Eyes filled with the light of the train, watching the highway. DeathBefore he saw the eyes of the spectrum. The only lights that muchKind of bloom in front of the light! Gradually, over the highway and rail line trainGoing ahead. Egoleo not yet suffice. TrainSo it will come to him. The train came to eyatoWill not be able to stop. What Raha rush? Not even. DownDo not be out of line. Resolute decision. Then?Moreover, love and death are just standing. Egoleo himself to do that there is no difficulty. Inevitable. ## Of ##Super jam in front of the house. Suman climbed ten minutes rickshawA. However, this ten minute rickshaw ten feet diverged. Once SumanThought to be hemtei. People often walk in the cityChange the system would come to her to walk ardhekabaraEyatodine. Once the two hours ten minutes walk across the street singer. Used to go walking. But he did not hamtalo.Rikasaoyalake twenty to forty rentYet they do not pay.If the jam is that the chase. But on the streets of a violent chaseThere are very few jams. Do not bother to do anything it takes.Suman pursued today, but a lot of bad feeling irritated. But if the story is jam-packed with rickshaw katato time.How many children at home, where they fall, they do.The story might be upset with anyone busy.They do not think about the conditions of the mind. OwnIs busy. Among the many rickshawJust looking at the gap to the front. Suman said he will not be fun.Suman will be some money to a man. Today finalsDate. The date has changed three times. And this timeI swear it will not change. But money itselfIt is new. Suman delightPunjabi Munda berolo fall. Suman also gets the money. And the existence than to be able to get the money.Do not worry, this is now the singer. Can not been money, theWhat else? We will not switch up to two or four.If your creditor or two things up. But borrowingIt does not matter if leneoyala himself. Both enjoy SumanPlease. He seemed like. First of all, getting money Suman kinalo a doll. CaressThey say the teddy bear. Anita's sizeTeddy Bear wanted to combine her than ever.Anita will be happy. His eyes would be glad if the water.Anita eyes do not usually water. Do not cry.But when you give a gift of more than one ekapektesanera when he comes to her eyes water. Anita this itself is very nice. But theseTearful eyes and a lot of gift.Anita does not look a gift to Suman reflective. Teddy BearWhat's more is available. When the big one, he adds.Bhulalo not hold biyarata say.Suman was not sure. It's not too bad. We tried our best to get upset when the fruit is not availableShould not be. Dadajana Suman said, "trying treasureMatch rejoice, be glad if the attempts to make money,Be happy with what you're trying to do that. "Suman prache dadajanake too much at the moment. HomePatheo are stuck in traffic on his rickshaw. Saw in the morning was noticed that she was still the rickshaw rickshaw.Suman's why I think the head, and the same threadFoot pad. As the threads of his life. Start out jamSaid. Suman watched the clock. ## 3 ##Anita did not sleep that day, his mind very bad day. SumanSays, "After marriage, I'll have a room to sleep.Which seemed to have all the room for sleeping. Soft pillow,The bed, the sheets soft.AC will run for eighteen degrees Celsius. Eighteen degrees Celsius, with all the best for sleeping. "Anita sleep. His mind will be better able to sleep with the logo. SumanAnita sat beside her hair cut delivery.But those of the next. He is still married to Anita SumanNot. After the wedding singer Anita any sleep for the houseWill not build. He does not have enough money. Do not ever happen. Honest, full of dreams, but they are not good boys. YetRomantijamera is to say, for the sake of being there. Suman says so.Anita understands all. Yet when Suman and his very kind wordsI feel good. Whatever happens next. Let bartamanata good.Anita does not turn up on the day that Suman dinaguloteiWith the most views. He thinks the singer is on his mind all the time. You can not blame Suman. He's happyAnita is very good, the mind is very good. ButSuman how to tell the truth?Anita big teddy sleep lap. More thanTeddy gave him Suman. If it beside her. NightTeditara looked up again, I only wish this place had a singer!In the expectation that the singer Anita married her.It was a secret for now. After a few days when SumanThe package will be a good job,Fill with sweets and told everyone that they were married.But the singer gave a teddy bear! Girls do not want to do anything anymore without him understand pagalata Anita.Anita forming night. After dark circles under the eyes. InflationThroughout the day there. Anita Suman saw upsetWhere the money from the biggest pieceTeddy biyarata anitake brought back.Anita mind that day became worse. ## 4 ##Eat night. Anita's father. Will the daughterHe said manostha. During heard talk of marriageIt had come to his daughter's relationship with a man.He anitake private parato before. Pretty boyKhan knows that good night. But after hearing the news, saying the milk pusechena kalasapa own homes.Khan did not follow the orders of anyone ever night. His ownDo not bother anyone else's opinion. MeyerMarriage to the daughter felt like a girlfriendHe was not. He is married. Regarding marriageOther measures to meet him in trouble. Do not let her get the feeling nothing.Anita belong just forgot. Some parents in a tangleAnita did not know too much time spinning it.Did you know that tangled threw just late.CHOMSKY: Well, come on anymore yatoksane yellow.Suman is that the earth knowing that Anita sat pimrite yellow. Not that he will never come back. OwnIf the parents can, and thought. Yellowing of the skinWhen he was still smeared with bath karacchiloNita thinking about Suman. Anita Suman very loves.Suman think someone else will take his time. Sometimes.Mr. Rajani very happy. He thought about the girl Suman will be very citkara noise. But MeyerSurprised to see use. It was very good to her.Turmeric announced on the night of joy, daughterHe does not everyone just khaoyabenai marriage. CashFive gift give money.Mr. wanted to kill a few birds with one stone night. He will stand in the election. All uchilaya daughter's weddingNot happy with the voracious money. Is the area of ​​marriageThe former MP's son. The son of an engineer.Go abroad. Earning money has myala itself.The girl in the house happily. Moreover, the formerMP influential people. The election will be the crown of the goodness of her neck, the hem. ## 5 ##Raha inherited from her grandmother in a bookReceived. Khoyaranama brings the ideal, what you see is what.Raha's grandmother was a young girl forever. His father hobbyShe named him as a teenager. A country gentleman,BNP leader piccidera name as adults did not speak much. So many people were renamed after himself.She did not do something juvenile.Your parents were called to the girl. When grandpa Raha 'andJuvenile, aho this side. " They called him blushShe grew to become a teenager.Raha's grandfather died the day when the girl she was sitting next to him. Raha said Grandfather suddenly at midnight, "andGirl! Thaiko good. I have to go. " Her red rosebudLajaya went. The man died before the wife redWent to look at.She died before her juvenile rahakeKhoyabanamara went through the book. During the said highway, with this book, I went with Toure. You paibi it all.Obama is not recorded in this book, which is not a bashful. ThouSimply book once khulabi see ye fancy. Then all dekhabiClean, Reserved. Passion yaibi all the money. "Baitai have taken the highway in the morning. The next weddingThe new wife greeted him run each job. The house has a sitting room off the highway. Yesterday MridulHe has been married to. The marriageShe was married to the night saw Mridul.He saw the train to jump down. What is the meaning of dreams?Raha's new book is a companion to the grandmother of the family. ThatThe book is not written anywhere is what dream is to commit suicide. In the end, however, Amazon has not confirmed whether highway.The train was coming toward him, and then broke ghumata.Some of the book unfinished dream suicideThere is no writing. Mridul insisted upon returning Raha. MridulWe closed went out in the morning.Come back in the morning saw the induction of khoyabanama sitting.Protests were heard Mridul highway, next to the train last night in their homeA girl committed suicide on the line. GirlWas married to a man. YetShe loved another. BoyWas found on the railway tracks. The boy's hands and feet were tied with rope. The idea of ​​the girl childSwing had disappeared father to daughter.Mridul said, her father shot Rui-Katla. HisThere is no one who can with this tallate. But his daughterKhan went on to lose to the night. He was stone chumrechilenaGood. But the bird was himself not a calculation.


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