Thursday, April 30, 2015

Before writing this letter to you, but this is aparesanera

Before writing this letter to you, but this is aparesaneraYou will not believe the letter. Yet writing. Because todayA special day. No, the world is not to say that Valentine's Day.Because today I am 8 years ago this dayGotten in love. My 8 year old basantaPhutiyechilo in the heart of the flower of love ... That fear could tell. Fear of losing you. Your worthyI stayed away from thinking,Verily I say unto you, I did not want the hair to be in trouble. 8 year old did not say how much I love you. OnlyI've loved. You know something, I have a dayMiss did not, because you were not on my side of the body.You are my feelings, things are mixed. And INot body, the mind loved her. Which is very niceAnd holy. I've tried a lot of her own past 8 tabacharaBuild, but I could not. I failed.Forgive me if you can. Love youI'm guilty of.

Anyway, today I am writing this not to talk. Today, you can not ask for a thing ... loveClaim. Do not worry, my claim is very little .. ...I would love to do. Love will not say.I do not have to wake up in the night. Night sleepAdarao not be broken love. MyWhen tears do not delete it, you do not have to hug. I do not claim to only one before.Please do not leave me alone ... .. kaphane Your insuranceI do not see the bodies ... ..Where you would be happy, he is happy Love. I haveThere is no objection. I will love you from afar.Bhalobesei I want you to die. I pray this prayer every day that I die before you.I think that the earth smile delude taste of deathD. This is my small claims, demands etotukuto I can do,Is not it ??Remember the same way you and I foreverWill love. I just do not care What you think aboutme.Your future will be more beautiful and colorful days. Many happily stay.


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