Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Break up

What to agree brekaapaIs?The love hathyatManInterestLet us forget the sound of that lost, no sound relationshipThat is to say,As abegata never ends!After the two brekaapera hathyatIs seen.Remember the past. Two and a smile goesEach other.Perhaps in time they were friends.
ButTheir sound has changedFriendship. Nothing much has changed, butTwoOne of the remainsEmotion.The night of the eyeWater may be the man to leave, a callTo have the courage to do that!Shame?Not,Leaving the manShell cuts like rib wordsLikePunk.The lipThe man gently on the foreheadOh love to touch.He came up in the lips.Comes up to the guilt!I love to go outThe small errors of the eyeMoves in front of the storm. OneOther people will forget the momentEach job.Forgotten the emotional vision.OvernightTalking up the days. When something newOld love does not get pushed aside, andThat can not be in love with the man losingOffer !! 

NonethelessAfter losing out in person to the solicitation of the peopleIf not,And a chance!But that has changed hisTo lifeEven begging is back empty-handed.I love coming back to thisDuring each stepIt takes heavy.Sbasagulo is rather pointlessDirghasbase. Eye control over waterIs not.Comparatively simple and usually one handCries inside.Different views of the opposite side.He deserves more than that, but it's hard not to love.Did I mention the word justiceIf convictedJudge toWeeper.But that's only for breaking tiesBecauseHe is not looking for trouble.One man after anotherHe played with nothingGoes. Some of the drama of loveAbhinayakusaliraThe first time withAre involvedSome of the people.First love is always the best feeling.But first brekaapa means.That teaches love, theAgainDiligently teaches that:You will be alone. They are absolutely gone.HathyatNor'wester comes like that.So muchThe man had to learn to live and eat well, but the deceptionThen he was made to stand on his troubled past lifePillarsFlew in the stormLike!Once again,You would love that, would form anymore,Would cated,He will learn to love youA. ButAnother will find loveTo anyone.


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