Tuesday, April 28, 2015

I am a free my breath. . . I likhiyachi

The neighborhood, as paraparsira hayaya was forbidden to sleep. The story, which is a surfeit of marriage, paraparsira not sleep ...Hayala just that, running around the house Zarina marriage, barapakse paritechena to anticipate. She is married with a son hayala Mr. anikantera to syamalakantera officer ..The wedding day is scheduled to be barapaksera sayache sweet soft physiognomy She is like a daughter to be found so skeptical Anil Babu,So the chase, Anil Babu ....As the wedding day of one million rupees with a girl just made a hell of a lot of white-collar, Anil She is his only daughter's wedding, the wedding of money and amalababu was measured ......Amalababu the school teacher by profession, a lot of trouble to his family, to marry a girl with vogue ,, amalababu quite happy.Anil Babu's son-in-law and a good family who for syamalakantera Unable to atmiyata quite happy with, ensure the future of his son, it does not limit the Anil Babu happy.Before the wedding, Anil Babu, She saw and heard details about Zarina's family may know that, sir, the whole area of ​​Amal, the name of one of the wealthy, educated man ...He is also happy, they may go on all year round to help their money jarina and began to live in the midst of ... a lot of affection affection ,, She happily-in-law, sbasuri, sister-in-law all jarinake seemed to care much affection. 

Amal Babu's daughter who is quite happy to get the family ..Sudden green-collar visiting his father came with his wife ... and then they came to know that, Zarina's father, a school teacher, Amal Babu little, he is not entitled to such assets ....The news reached the ears of rapacious Anil Babu, now that the old Zarina Zarina's family was much more of a difference itomadhye, She is the daughter of parents .... She was happy, and the green-collar tide came hayalei other forms of family bhasibara. Instead of crying tears of joy She ...Sbasurira father was phutiya the original form, She is no longer the happy face, I spend all day starvation and disease, and mental. . .She came to understand the mind, the mind of these people, various forms of physical niryatanera jarinake by maradharo taraparo She speaks well, do not give any reply. . .She said the mother-in law came in, your father and mother? Peti food and not just matato twice before the wedding ..Your father and mother raised us cry substantial danger, alaksi inauspicious girl Oh, my neck carali, Am I not the place ..She bhejaya eyes with tears, not because of some bored gaze at the sky She bolster rayala, and say what he does not have clay feet down, maybe. . . .Poor girl, do not tell anyone ... that old green-collar family, Choose a raktai the flow of his body, as if the dream of happiness hayaya She was miserable.She Unable to bear the niryatata Suicide hayala forced to live the way, the bride looked mukhapane She can not do that, mababa and daughter Zarina She looked in the direction of the end of the persecution began She stopped Unable to commit suicide at the time said the girl, mother are you going to leave me. . . ??She received re-tied hayala, small-old daughter heard this, tears jadiye abandonment by the girl's lap, saying she did she forgive me, although I have to go, go go, forgive my mother do.She implementation of this news, and his mother Amal Amal Babu Babu heard her arrival to go, and I will marry my daughter, who anyartha ..She was saying, Dad, maybe you would marry me to look for another good pot,Maybe I would not be able to ignore,But again, it is hayaya, but maybe I am a free my breath ..She heard the girl's face, then do not, the mother would leave me neither. . . .


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