Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Love is worth

A daughter is very well loved, liked him very much, he fell in love ajanaya wanted to, did not want to know me, love me did not mean she wanted a lot of love.
After a long time she gave me a sudden the phone, no one place to go bikelabela gelama suddenly found her by the hand and said to me, is very in love with you.Do not stop to look, at the end of bela evening was walking for a long time ....

Joysthna went around cloth, are two of premalapa as well, rising in the night, sleep is not just the story of the long ailment she hugged and kissed long and eat it too josanamakha night josanalokita love today he was trying to get to me, today I would like very much to love. Items talking, broke down in tears as he said premalapa sudden Forgive me, I call her and she did not understand at the time, you thought wrong.
Yes, the love you do not have an answer tomaya hung, as I forgive my pride .KILL, today I am.
I love you so much love so much, this was his asrugara face conversations with some tears, and my silence.
. . . The story first, it was actually the second part of his barnanatai, she told me that she did not understand galpatachila legendary real sudden sleep after a night of broken dreams and the dream took a walk in the morning when she noticed tears in his eyes duphomta corner.The tears may indicate that part of the story of the legendary ........Although the dream, eitakei now she would like to materialize, however, that time does not wait for anyone.This urge to reach out in love to the wrong digit on my street, my majha Street came to her to stop.Today she is asking of you today, even in the midst of a loved one lost its anakankika the anakankita digit day this josanaratera Joysthna bhijabena you love me.Joysthna that night, my love for you is worth more than worth the pride and love of the sinking of the heart she ahankarei be drowned.


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