Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ones Upon time a Jaflong

From an early age sightseeing was a severe intoxication. But it was very difficult to get permission to be home. After the strict rules of the house knew in college was a bit spare. I try to come back as soon as possible outside the capital. Chutitei almost every year somewhere is going to turn. Sometimes with friends and sometimes family with anyone. Ideo last Ramadan, I think you have the right to go out sometime. One-day travel. Therefore, after much discussion, leaving the Jaflong this.
Since the day before travel so much we have not prepared. According to the plan went out the day after Eid in the afternoon. The train is leaving too. First, go to the train station so tame. But I could not get a ticket from the ticket spend. And that is exactly what agyata to go by bus. Sayadabada bus to go to the bus station at around 11 pm and went in. Ticket prices start from Rs 300. Katalama two tickets at 1 pm. How to tame the tension that I can not say one hour passed. Bus, train was late arriving exception that badanamata in just 1 hour bajei out. I speak from experience short trips, the best and most suitable bhramenera baluka in the night time. So the day after Eid, it's quiet at night 1 taraopara was really manomugaddhakara bus travel.
Sitata I was by the window. I think you buried deep sleep next to my seat. Almost all sleeping on the bus. But sleeping more than me chariot views were breathtaking surroundings. Many will say again what scene raterabela? But what is interesting in the light of raterabela cammdera understand that only those views. We are almost at night and arrived at the terrible brij. Brijata night looked more attractive.

Finally, we arrived in the morning at 5.30 am local Kadamtali. Sylhet town steeped in light fog in the morning and it looked wonderful. According to the shrine city of Sylhet. Do not go near the shrine in Sylhet, what is it ?? I got to know a little inquiries CNG Tempu or the vehicle was found. That Hazrat Shahjalal (R) of the shrines. 0 Rs per person. CNG to be there We went to Hazrat Shahjalal (R) I went to the shrine. This place is not far off. We reached the shrine around 5-30 minutes. What is the size !!! Really wonderful. Thousands of people there. No one has come to meet the objectives of their own seems a amaderai Some of the outing. I saw many old graves. Most of the time he was a disciple of Hazrat Shahjalal. Jalali pigeons and doves alike saw the name. Or are they just there. Kusanskarachanna saw some people in different places of the shrine is the hypocrisy of the tongue. Which saw him really bad. We spent some hours there. CNG outside the shrine to eat breakfast I went riding on his sahparana (R) for the purpose of the shrine. It took 30 per rental. There reached between 40-45 minutes. I was looking forward to Jaflong sleeves. So, there I never had time. I was really impressed by the designs on the walls of the shrine of the relics. Sahparana (R) from the gates of the shrine in order to japhalam, tempu is available. More than 60 rupees per rental. If so, we left our japhalam to a tempute. Akabaka hilly road, a narrow road which is just around the hill. Several looked trip. India's large hill on the street and FountainsAfter nearly two hours of ten in the morning to see how we could reach our desired goals. Japhalam.

Sadly, what springs to be able to see only from afar. You can not go near. Because they are on the border of India.

Jaflong market over the next japhalam. There are many boats are available. Which apiece hike across the river. The river is one that has the power to fascinate. Not too deep. Clean water. An adult man can sink up to the neck. But a lot of the tide. Swimming can be a danger to anyone you do not know. There are also found in the river boat. All naukakei seen carrying around.

Boats are available from the gorge. I went to see the hanging bridge of the boat. Despite a long way from the gorge.

Boats to rent to stay carefully. They want to hire lots. Finally, we decided at 00 boats.Stones under water. Walking on the stone really is a different experience.

I saw many people bathing here. So we took where this is absolutely necessary to recover. It was pretty fun.

We have a lot of fun. After spending nearly two hours, at around 1pm on Sunday at Jaflong market. After lunch at the hotel from here and went to the tea gardens.Available vans across the river. He went to see the tea gardens.

What is the state of mind that their size is not the end.

Japhalam market came back in the afternoon, at tea garden. From there I went to see the bus tamabila points.

By entering the Indian car entering the car here in Bangladesh.

I thought if I could come back a little in India ??I saw a little settle .........

Again we see the camp bijibi. If the parents !! What you need !! ;) I am thinking.From there, the bus returned to the local Kadamtali. By then came the evening.Then again, the busy capital city and came back to the bus.When traveling anywhere in this lonely place sometimes it takes really good .. Whether it's a one-day travel.


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