Thursday, April 30, 2015

ThanMohammed al-Amin coffee shop

ThanMohammed al-Amin coffee shop and sat for a long time By- eating outside achikaphiFrom this moment the snow dekhachimaosumaSydney snowfall events are very common. This is another sceneThe time it takes now is pretty well fed lagachekaranaEnjoy the natural beauty sabasamayaya not possible, at leastWhile waiting at the gate for anyone nayaikichuksana consecutive .They takacchi coming, not yacchekinta,Looking hy whom I met her match nao, did not say,For nearly half an hour, I'm actually waiting for a woman.Namaora Sumona with him in my marriage was acheathacaNone of the way we've never seen anyone in familyIt did have everything now charge extra. As a result cainikinta mother insisted that I come firstAfter the marriage, the wife disliked by sending dilakaranaIf not, then blame them karabaami say whyIf you already have everything, right? "What is it?If it is not your choice, then cancel the marriage. '.' OkayThere, one day I'll have a look. '' Not one day, you're going today. Lincoln Street, the coffee shop and I'm OK hour

Ajakei balechiami eyes and forehead wrinkles come up, tooPamcatayama on, now going out at half carataekhanaPamcataara sound reaches half pacata quarter.Mom, you tell him, not today disturb anyadinamaI say to the other, or phrio acheajakei work, you're just a little while, I have to price the job,Let's see, again, is now out of the snowToday, a lot of my work that had gone cold lagabetacharaEtc. Angry mother said, you really like your father.Empty kyacakyaca karisaya said, so if yours karaaraAbsolutely do not want to, but he does admit to him on the phone and went deami. People sitting in the coffee shop, as mother achiekhaneAs a neiedike timeGrow, increasing the snow outside stripContinued. But her name came to be angry neiamaraKaralomeyeti test my patience nicchethikaThere, Maharani! Sly obedient student, I am less naiara I sit all day that I will wait for you.I love to read, I do without youMarriage to be like a mother to nakhaliAgreed. Next passed bhabalamaWarning her that her future daughter-in-law isThey have forgotten that the stupid hope of a return visit to her future husbandKarachephona to give orders to set up a coffee shop and austeritiesMother, and while you're waiting, why not also withBhulalena not speak, while chatting with friends, Marie, that he is no longer a pest naami early PhonesCut think, trying in vain karechenanarijatira roquiahWhat will improve? Chat with friends, and for womenWhat's one thing to wait? Majnu, which was DevdasMuhurtbe think that love is very happy pelaaha two nutsWhat do bhulataya karechilahathat see mom. Mom told, he did not go anywhere as asacheami. PhoneI think keeping my forehead enormous sorrow time.ThisThe girl before marriage has patiye sasurike, weddingAnd do not even know what to do? I do not have the courage to ignore the prohibition mother ..Close your eyes and begin to be counted at the end of the sheep neck refined karalamahathatIs meditation bhanalaki ghumucchilena tone? "- Not at allNaami Sumona, you surely the sky. "Yes, please sit down."I say to him to say that any definition takalamatateiI asked him to light gelaparibesa to sarbanasata, know what? This drasticSnowfall in the afternoon than married men crazyWho will come out and tell the shop the muhurtbe INo one except you do not really see the takiye.In addition, however, aunty gave me a photo.It is simply too late but I do not hayaniasale sariamara karabao What happened? There was a very necessary work.In fact, there is not much trouble soften yetaamiI say it, not just achekintuI think, fair to me why after one hourWe could spend the rest of my life, in the face MAYAI wanted to be something more than Devdas rajihayata happen, unless and to the side of -Do youSay, not what you should eat and the coffee shop is called?I was busy waiter dakikarana beautyNot to ignore that ..........


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