Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Without being seen, the heart of love bijarita.

After a two-year rilesanabrekaapa when another girl in front of my friend's hand and then move to the state of mind that anyone can tell you, my friend?Do not, do not.But a strange thing is that, for a time, this girl is so crazy to say I was not like my friends.Hand-cut, my friend, do not leave without phamelira severe persecution for yaoyabandhura sleeping pills, coils eaten came back to the door of the girl's death .In the bar for my friend.Thus, when the girl was able to leave my friends.I was surprised, shocked, stambita.My friend is in the hands of the body, chest, legs, feet just katasaba janyatara this girl to carve her name, where she was burned with fire, so is life.Thus, a relation so abegi ended abegasunya way. Relations became so cheap. Or we went in humans?After this incident, my wife said, "women do not know themselves what they have in mind the kanaphiusaneratara caitamdera two minutes and does not require a change of heart."Kathagula truth.  

But my friend is now normal. Yet the oddity that we humans can catch nearby.For example, addai She is now almost full-time to his more gaillaiaphasosaWe gelaudaharana takagula water, "hedira Yes, I come not feel detui back glasses, priced at Rs 900, which is leaving the glasses."How much money is spent and where, after a while that his phiristi. I'm sorry to say to another, "You know uncle. I have a lot of great danger to me bhagyabanallaha bachaiceara I have not eaten cheka khaisi todhomka." Then give a smile.In conclusion, the girl two days before I called (in front of friends).Who was kathapakethanata,I: Why did leave my friend?Girl: And I suspect.I: What is without doubt is met. I think Relations, I love my jiephake karisandeha a prakasaaitai doubt his guilt? And do you doubt.She was silent.Comments: One of the world's most strange trip manayara people have control over people's minds naekamatra buddhimanarai not control his emotions.Too remember a friend,"Mama asachebhalobasa Relation to die on the nausea phekare mamasaba all fake."I burnt my friend lay dying inside, but the feeling of having forgotten it.Relations began with a sense of passion.By controlling the emotions are very few lucky people got dragged rilesanatake daysThe lucky ones who so far.I want to be one of the bhagyabandera.And one thing,Rilesane brekaapera case"All dhomkai slight burn,But not all chekai deception. "


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