Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You have pain memory

HSC end of the test period yacchilona Mamun well. 1 friend suddenly took anuerade 1 tutor. They were gathered in the house was very samranta family tutor. No less was the wealth. Mamun was the Class 4 and Class 10 student of a student of Anik parata tanimake. Subtlety was wonderful and beautiful. Once she saw that the eyes can not ever forget her. Mamun leg went very well teaching craft subtlety. Never fear, it did well mamunerao kinthu naimamuna not to publish it.
One-time opportunity subtlety of his mind, a man of unrelenting subtlety karekinthu yanai mamunakemamuna the subtlety of the proposal. Mamun that he would want to be that. Subtlety is not finally agreed haiye paralana Mamun. The adventure began their love story, read the table thakiye anticipate the two together, hand in hand to the pen, then stood to get a little soft touches. Haradhama the nature of their love for him chalate. On the other hand began to gently proposal for subtlety. People on the sides of the pot occasionally visited their home. Subtlety these Mamun said.
Mamun thought, if the girl would have been married Recommended expect so there is no such a thing? Kinthu Mamun made false concept that the ends on the other side .Paristitira. A relative of one of subtlety to subtlety expatriates from the pictures. Karede forbidden to sleep with his two eyes subtlety picture. One coveted grown film with subtlety kheyephele expatriates back. This is the truth, then he'd tanimake expressed. And send them to the home of a relative subtlety and am trying to come back from a very early emigration.

Sometimes a few days he came back from emigration. On the other hand urgent task is to go out of Chittagong. Let's look at this situation in the Diaspora tanimadera tanimake ese home. Haiye agreed to go and see the wealth of expatriate parents sampata subtlety. This is the subtlety frustrated after haiye. His eyes run with tears rolling down his told him that expatriates living abroad kinthu pot, whether it was the indomitable will of the koroi leave tanimake married. The wedding date is all right. Expatriate subtlety Then she takes the stand for the marriage to Sher soon. . Mamun heard him come home by the end tanimadera home rushed like mad. Mamun subtlety saw two tears de leave. Mamun told all that after his subtlety. Mamun got back home. Pacchilo afraid to tell his father and his great dulabhaike Mamun said. Kinthu Mamun's elder brother is still single because they responded to his words dulabhai Mamun Mamun's words. Mamun Mamun torture after seeing his father and all his heart, and he agreed to dulabhai.

Mamun's father-in-law of kinthu nilana ears. His proposal tanimadera of Mamun finally go home. Subtlety is open to all parents. Mamun's father heard these things, a lot of subtlety and a lot of angry insults out of the house De. Subtlety is not the only time the wedding season is in trouble with their families nicchinna Mamun's father threatened to de subtlety. The father had the subtlety of a prababasali. Mamun and subtlety, so to speak, and his words paralana. Mamun haiye returned home disappointed.To meet this side of subtlety Mamun became existence.

The two met in secret a lot of difficulty. Mamun made the error of his escape. Kinthu subtlety paralana accept this rationally, because she can not pay her mother's heart. Mamun's true love, so he asked the tanimake tanimake to try. He agreed to be tanimake marriage. Mamun and his marriage and that he never De tanimake said. Mamun kinthu subtlety is not marriage, she flat-footed De basabena the threat of suicide. Mamun finally agreed to the marriage. The wedding day was approaching. Mamun was the yellow house gaiye tanimadera kinthu wedding ceremony organized in her heart, blood karede theft. His heart was going to fade into the katabiksata haiye kinthu it with the smile on his face that he was enjoying the cool night 1 after he returned home.Mamun and his responsibility to remove any opinion gumate paralana darala cigarette one night at 60 individuals who gave himself does not know how to finish a cigarette. The boy did not eat that night, confirmed that the cigarette boyLove to do at the start. Consider the subtlety of the marriage on the wedding day appeared like a criminal. Mamun was the sort of stage role. Mamun, his hands behind his beloved, and the marriage was arranged stage now and then to wipe the tears.

Groom sat on the stage when she was a blessing in disguise stane Mamun thought today he would no longer have to wait another jaigai priyake his will before his eyes. Gulu know what to think about this aspect of his four original was dark. Finally priyake to take pictures in front of his eyes more than his heart bhaganera bhaganera river began. Since Mamun haiye complete another go now before he checked tanimake loves. This event was haiye 7-8 years now and has been married Mamun told him to marry kio jhale oil rose and purple. Today she can not forget about subtlety. Dragging behind him the memory of subtlety think about marriage, whatever. He still remembers the night of the incident he bedanabidura aguchare the tears in the eyes teke jharai ...... ???


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