Sunday, July 12, 2015

They Love in the same area

Farabi is flora’s best friends.

They Love in the same area. Also they are both in class 7. but they go to different schools.
It is a school holiday. Flora has come to visit Farabi. They are talking. Flora want to know about the prize-giving ceremony of farabi’s school.
“Yesterday was our school prize-giving day. ” Farabi says. “Oh this occasion our school auditorium And it’s dais. All the student were present at the function. Among other other, the guardians and some eminent persons of the locality attended the Function, ” Farabi continues. “The Principal of PM College was the chief gust. ”
“When did the Function start? ” Flora asked.
“Oh, it started on time --- just at 4 pm, ” Farabi says. “Our Headmaster first read out the annual report. Then the chief gave a short speech. He highly praise the overall performance of the school And it’s excellent JSE And SSE Exam results. Then he give away the prize among the students for their outstanding Activities.
“Did you get any prize, Farabi? ” Floara Enquires.
“yes I did, ” Farabi Replies. “ I’ve got tow prizes---one for regular attendance And the other for good results in the last year-ending exams.


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